Inspired by interior Decor, A love of minimalistic & shiny things, A humble abode and sophisticated luxury, Luxe Scented Candles has been crafted and created from the hands of two women who believe it's the little things in life, and the way that they're styled that make it luxurious.

"Our Soy Candles have been personally hand crafted with the finest soy wax - each with their own details and aromas to send your senses spiralling. We pride ourselves in not only producing a wondering lasting aroma, but by creating beautiful pieces which provide luxurious imagery to your home. With not having personally found a perfect blend of candle ourselves from the current market, we were inspired to go out and create our own luxurious modern candles with tantalising and warming aromas for our audience to indulge in, thus creating - Luxe Scented Candles. We love the fact that you can burn a long lasting candle with an amazing aroma, while still having a beautiful piece of decor to feast your eyes at."

- Jannie, Owner/Director of Luxe Scented Candles

Luxe Scented Candles has been birthed and created in Australia by a Mother and Daughter team - Who both share the same passion for luxury & interior design. 
From Copper to Black, Natural Timbers, Crisp lines and curved edges with a glorious hint of Art Deco, This duo have been inspired to create luxurious modern designs with the opportunity to fill those with tantalising aromas for everyone to share.
They pride themselves on their attention to detail and producing products which are hand-made with all natural products. Designed with a purpose, These candles are a luxurious edition to have for a life-time. 

In a few short months - Luxe Scented Candles teamed up with a budding Brisbane based Graphic Designer, Design by Klo - who not only helped turned their dreams into a reality, but also created a highly bespoke brand identity which has become highly well known within the industry.

With more amazing projects in the pipeline, recently being highlighted in Australian Home Beautiful magazine as well as being a featured brand at the Mercedes Benz Newcastle Fashion Weekend - The team at Luxe Scented Candles are well and truly set to attack the candle market by storm with their tantalising aromas and luxurious products.